A parent greets students at an event welcome table

Safe Routes provides the program development and materials to host a series of Walk and Roll events. Yet it’s the parent volunteers and school staff that bring the activities to life at schools, bringing joy and fond memories to thousands of students and their families each year. The primary role of a volunteer is to host a welcome table to greet students on event days with small incentives and big praise for walking, biking, scootering, skateboarding, (carpooling, or riding the bus) to school.  

Our encouragement programs work! Parents and schools recognize the benefits of early morning exercise to get the wiggles out prior to the academic rigors of school. Rewarding students for their green travel behavior kicks-off the green travel habit.  Eventually, the intrinsic value of walking and rolling to school with friends and families builds a lasting routine that extends into upper grades.

Won’t you help at your school? Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] (Bilingual Coordinator) for more information.

 There are four possible encouragement activities for volunteers to host each year with turn-key supplies and publicity provided by Safe Routes to Schools.  They are:

  • International Walk to School Day (every October)
  • Walk and Roll Wednesday (monthly)
  • Fall or Spring Four Week Contest (contests vary each year)
  • National Bike to School Day (May)

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