Remote Learning

Safe Routes to Schools online courses are resources for students, parents, and school communities to learn and review the curriculum taught at schools throughout Marin County. They are presented by Safe Routes instructors who provide engaging visual demonstrations for pedestrian and bicycle safety skills for elementary and middle school students. 

Cartoon of kids on bike riding over a tablet computer

Grade Level Lessons: YouTube Videos

The following remote lessons have been created by your Safe Routes to School instructors.

Grades 1, 2 | Stop Look Listen

Stop Look Listen

con subtítulos en español

Grade 2 | Walk Around the Block

Walk Around the Block

Grade 3 | Pedestrian and Bike Safety

Pedestrian and Bike Safety

con subtítulos en español

Grades 4, 5 | Bike Traffic Safety

Bike Traffic Safety

con subtítulos en español

Grades 4, 5 | Bicycle Rodeo

Bicycle Rodeo

Grades 6, 7, 8 | Drive That Bike

Drive That Bike

E-Bikes are Electrifying the Future! What Parents Should Know…

In response to an increasing number of questions and concerns over student safety riding e-bikes, Safe Routes has has developed a flyer to help inform parents. Download here

Download These Safety Tips for Walking & Rolling

Walking Safety Tips

Biking Safety Tips

Seguridad al Caminar – Consejos

Seguridad para Ciclistas – Consejos