J.E.D.I Challenge

Children wearing green superhero costumes: become a planet jedi

J.E.D.I Challenge

When: March 15,April 1, 5, and 19, and May 3rd

The J.E.D.I Challenge is a four-week contest to help reinforce the habit of walking and rolling to school. Upon arrival at school, Parent Volunteers stamp participating students’ cards.  At the end of the four week challenge, students enter their stamped cards into a raffle for a chance to win prizes. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to register your school and to get materials and prizes.  

Prizes:  Safe Routes provides flyers for every classroom, cards for participating students, and will raffle two raffle prizes – a bike from Cleary Bikes and a helmet courtesy of Mike’s Bikes. If you wish to add goodies to your welcome table or additional raffle prizes, consider contacting your PTA for funding or ask your local businesses for a donation (see Donation Letter Template). 

Event Dates for Stamping CardsMarch 15, April 1, 5, and 19, and May 3rd (also Bike to School Day)

Alternative Dates: If the above dates don’t work for your school, consider selecting four alternative dates such as Wednesday and another “surprise day” for two consecutive weeks.

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