The Return of the J.E.D.I. Challenge 

Get ready to channel your inner Jedi and join the Return of the J.E.D.I. Challenge!

Starting on Wednesday, March 1st, students can participate by biking, walking, skating, scooting or taking the bus to school and come by our Jedi Welcome Table. 

The more times you participate, the greater your chances of winning a brand new bicycle courtesy of Cleary Bikes and a helmet courtesy of Mike’s Bikes! 

The challenge will take place on five dates: March 15, April 1, 5 and 19, with the grand finale on May 3. So gather your friends and family, and let’s get moving! May the force be with you.

¡Canaliza tu JEDI interior y únete al concurso El Regreso del J.E.D.I.! 

Desde el miércoles 1° de marzo, los estudiantes de primaria pueden caminar, montar en bici o en patineta, estacionar y caminar o ir en el bus escolar para participar en la rifa de una bicicleta Cleary y un casco de Mike’s Bikes. 

Ven a la mesa de bienvenida de tu escuela para recibir la tarjeta para la rifa. El concurso termina el 3 de mayo. Hay una bicicleta y un casco por escuela.  

Coming Elementary School Events –
Spring 2023

J.E.D.I. Challenge to win a Cleary Bike: March 15, April 5, 19, and May 3
Bike to School Day: May 3
Bike Hero Award Nominations: The Month of May

First Ever Buddy Up Winners!

Clockwise from top right; Westin & Jase: Scottie & Gianna: Aurora, Delaney, Eoldie, Hannah, Kate, Lila, Mackenzie, and Talia: Erin & Emerson

We are pleased to announce our winners for our first ever Buddy Up Contest. Thank you to everyone that signed up!  With so many entries it was challenging to choose, but here are the winners and their heartwarming  stories that embody everything that is great about choosing to find a buddy to walk, bike, bus or carpool together. Without further adieu, here are our winners. enjoy your gift cards and keep on being active!!

Westin & Jase from
Olive Elementary School

Westin and Jase have always loved looking for treasures. They enjoy collecting rocks, sticks, and different leaves, among other things like coins, nails, and “dinosaur bones” on their walks. The items that do not end up going through the washing machine, have made it into a collection box that they constantly look through and update. Each day they are excited to walk to and from school together where they continue to build their collection every day.

Scottie & Gianna from San Jose Middle School

Scottie and Gianna love to bike to San Jose Middle School together. Recently, Scottie broke her arm, but that didn’t stop the pair from “getting their steps in” and walking together to & from school. They are each responsible for setting their own alarms, arriving at their meeting spot on time & messaging us once they’re off to school. They practice the same routine on their way home. 

Erin & Emerson from
Reed Elementary School

After a hard first bus ride for Erin on her second day of Kindergarten, her classmate and new friend Emerson offered to ride with her. The next week, they held hands as they boarded the bus (and for the whole way to school), and they haven’t looked back since! They’ve become fast friends and love riding the bus together, where they share letters and drawings they make for each other at home. Recently, they’ve been asking someone new to sit with them each day. We are so grateful for the bus and for their friendship. 

Aurora, Delaney, Eoldie, Hannah, Kate, Lila, Mackenzie, and Talia from Bacich Elementary School

This group of third graders has been riding to and from school and affectionately been nicknamed “The Peloton” by neighbors who witness their numbers swell as they pick up more and more friends along the way to Bacich. They’re always looking out for each other, on the road and at school. They love being in a large group because it makes it easy to maintain the habit of riding every day, even when one or two people can’t make it. There’s always someone (and more often lots of people) to ride with!

E-Bikes Are Electrifying the Future!

What Parents Should Know

In response to an increasing number of questions and concerns over student safety riding E-bikes, Safe Routes has created an informational flyer with recommendations.