parent and 2 children cycling together

Savvy Family Cycling

Grades:  Elementary School Families
When: All Year Long

Together as a family, you can watch this 11-minute video (below) that will teach you how to ride safely while abiding traffic laws.

Parents and students will see what is taught in 4th grade bike safety classes at schools throughout the county. Content is great for younger and older students as well. You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate if your child is ready to ride on the road with you
  • Check your equipment for safety (helmet and bike)
  • Ride visibly and predictably
  • Approach traffic situations and follow traffic laws
  • Find the best route to town or to school
  • Safely ride together

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Savvy Family Cycling on Google Drive

The following remote lesson has been created by your Safe Routes to School instructors: