Chalk-n-Walk | Poster Art

Chalk 'n Walk

Chalk N Walk / Poster Art

When: All year long


Chalk N Walk

Chalk N Walk turns public sidewalks into a fun-filled, colorful adventure on routes to school.   Kids who hop, skip, and smile will get their wiggles out before sitting in a structured classroom.  Chalk N Walk messaging encourages students to walk along popular routes to schools. It’s ideal for Park and Walk locations that your school is promoting.

Safe Routes staff can come to chalk fun and safety messages along your recommended routes to school. Or, we can provide chalk and messaging to volunteers that wish to do it themselves. 


Poster Art

Kids love making colorful posters to advertise their events.  Safe Routes staff can come to your school with poster boards and art supplies to lead kids in designing posters.

Contact Peggy Clark to schedule these activities for your school.

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