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THE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY OF MARIN administers Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs to promote …

Safe Routes at Ross Valley School District

Hidden Valley Bike to School Day

International Walk to School Day in the Ross Valley

242 students signed in for International Walk to School Day at Brookside School, a 30% increase from last year. Together they eliminated 692 pounds of CO2 from the air and burned up 6579 calories.

Taking it to the streets. Walk to School Day in Fairfax launches the new bike spine.

Walk and Roll Wednesdays

The bike racks were overflowing at Manor School's first Walk and Roll Wednesday in September. Champion John Ferguson led the effort.

Fairfax Bike Spine Launched on October 9th

Fairfax , long known as the incubator of new ideas, is piloting another cutting edge bicycle program called “The Bike Spine”. The project takes the “Share The Road” campaign and makes it relevant to the kids and families learning the skills and routes needed to ride to school.

This new project is based on the twin concepts that kids need guidance as to which route has been determined to be the safest route to and from school, and that motorists need to be aware of the presence of our children as co-users of our streets.

Called the “Spine” because it represents the backbone of a network of routes, the Bike Spine leads from the schools to various “ribs” that connect to our individual neighborhoods.

“More than 14 years after the start of Safe Routes at Manor School, we found that users were re-inventing solutions to routing problems that had been worked out long ago. It was obvious that what was needed was a way to inform people and teach people proper use of the routes determined to be the safest , and allow for some upgrades and fine tuning,” explained mayor John Reed. “The result represents the coming together of parents, elected officials, and traffic planners thinking outside of the conventional box. What grew out of these efforts was something that is unique, but sensical.”

Signage along the way indicates that the route leads to schools, and traffic controls such as stop signs at dangerous corners increase safety. Green pavement markings indicate to motorists that there are designated shared users, and these markings indicate to bicyclists where on the street it is legal and safest to ride. The location of the sharrows has been determined based on the legal and ”best practices” reasoning of the safest place to ride. Parents need to have a dialog with their kids about where on the road they should ride based on safety conditions, teaching them that each street will present different challenges.

The bike Spine can be another learning tool. This innovation is a reminder for all of us to walk, bike and drive, while respectfully sharing the road.


Great Ideas from Our Schools

Suggested Biking Areas to Teach Children Safe Riding

Wade Thomas Team Leader Ted Fehlhaber of created a guide to learning to ride for parents and kids with a list of eight suggested public areas for parents to practice riding with their children, classes to take and more advanced rides to learn to ride on the road and to develop safe biking skills. 

Learn to Ride Part 1 and II



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