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Pedal Power Assembly



Green Ways Logo

Greenways to School Campaign – The Greenways to School campaign, funded by a $175,000 grant from the Marin Community Foundation's Climate Change initiative, features the new SchoolPool on-line trip sharing program and school and classroom challenges with cash incentives. Classes can earn from $50 – $100 and schools can earn from $500 to $1,500 by increasing their number of green trips to school.

WalkandRoll logo

Walk and Roll to School Day Guidebook – Walk and Roll to School Days are weekly or monthly events that encourage students to walk and bike to school through rewards and outreach. During a Walk and Roll to School Day, volunteers host a greeting table with food and/or rewards for students that walk and bike to school. Special Walking School Buses or Bike Trains can also be organized as a way to encourage groups of students to travel together.

iWalk logo

International Walk to School Day Materials – Promote International Walk to School Day with colorful posters and other goodies. You can order an 11 x 17 color poster plus an editable flyer that allows you to put your own information on where to meet and contact information. We also have special items to hand out to students who walk or bike that day.

School Pool Marin

SchoolPool – SchoolPool Marin is an on-line trip matching program for parents who want to share in the duties of getting children to and from school through walking, biking, riding the bus, or carpooling. We offer guidance on how to form a neighborhood schoolpool. For more information contact SchoolPool Marin.

Faith and Fantasia logo

Faith and Fantasia – Faith would love to walk to school but her mother worries about her safety. But Faith worries more about her mother's driving. Fortunately, Faith has her superhero alter-ego, Fantasia, who saves the day when Faith's mother has too many near misses. This light-hearted book is a way for parents to learn about safe driving through their children. They read the book together and at the end the child gives the parent a quiz. For ages 6 – 8.

Poster Art logo

Poster Art – Poster Art engages students to paint colorful posters to promote walking, biking and carpooling to school. The end result of a Poster Art class is the creation of 10 – 12 eye-catching posters to hang on fences and bulletin boards. The signs help to build awareness of the school's effort to increase the level of walkers and bikers. Poster Art has been a big success in promoting International Walk and Roll to School Day and other walking/biking events at Marin schools. The posters can also be used by walking neighborhood groups to promote traffic reduction campaigns.

For more information about these programs contact:
Laura at 456-3469 ext 2# or




PedalPower Assembly

Pedal Power Assembly – Meet the Traffic Transformer as she battles the Traffic Monster and his side-kicks gas and oil to save a family from being stuck in their car. They travel to another world where the air is clean. This environmental assembly includes kids from the school playing key roles as they learn the benefits of walking and biking to school.

BeSafe logo

Be Safe Be Strong – How do you help your child deal with the people they may encounter on their way to school, from strangers to bullies. This ½ hour workshop introduces some of the skills that are provided from expert workshops through KidPower, RadKids and KidWise. This Safe Routes to Schools workshop will give a taste of what parents can learn to better prepare their kids for being out in the world.

RWY logo

Riding with Youth – Learn how to ride with your children in this workshop that will give both you and your child the skills you need to safety ride together. This two-hour workshop includes important information and an opportunity to practice skills training.

Bike Blender

Bicycle Blender (for middle and high schools)
– Give your students a unique experience of blending a smoothie using their own pedal power.
The Bicycle Blender teaches students about good nutrition and physical activity all at the same time. Students can take turns powering the blender and everyone shares in the fruits of their labor.

Bicycle Field Trip

Bicycle Field Trip (for middle and high schools)
– Safe Routes to Schools will help you plan your Bicycle Field Trip. Choose your location and we will help you get there without spending a dime on gas. Program includes trip planning with teachers and students, logistical assistance, safety instruction and trained instructors to accompany the students on the trip.

To book a presentation contact:
Peggy Clark at 456-3469 ext. 8# or

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