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Bike to School day at MVMS

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Safe Routes at Mill Valley School District

Share the Path

Coordinated with National Bike Month, Share the Path is a fun new public awareness campaign aimed at improving safety, access, and enjoyment of the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multiuse Pathway. After its pilot launch, the campaign will be extended to other multiuse paths around Marin County.

East Blithesdale Interchange Studied by TAM

On January 29, TAM sponsored theinitial community workshop at the Mill Valley Community Center to both educate the public about the project's purpose and to accept public input regarding existing bike/ped issues in this area. Viewthe presentation made that evening.

Bike safety information provided by Mill Valley Police Department. Click here

Bike to School Day in Mill Valley

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Walk to School Day in Mill Valley

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Mill Valley Middle School students try on their new shoelaces


Edna Maguire Walk to School Day


Park Walk to School Day




Great Ideas from Our Schools

Mill Valley Establishes Policy for Safe Routes to Schools


The Mill Valley School District adopted a new policy codifying the existing Safe Routes to Schools program in Mill Valley schools at its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

The policy, which is broken into board and administrative policies, will ensure that the Safe Routes to Schools activities will be recognized as district policy regardless of staff and parent turnover. This includes identifying school site volunteers and teams, participation in the Mill Valley Safe Routes to Schools Task Force, and continuing the traffic safety classes at the schools.

Board Member Raoul Wertz wrote the policy in cooperation with councilmember and SRTS Task Force chair Stephanie Moulton-Peters and staff from the Transportation Authority of Marin’s Safe Routes to Schools program.

You can view the policies by clicking these links:

Board Policy

Administrative Policy

Marin IJ Feb. 2, 2012



SR2S Task Force


Mill Valley Task Force
meets Thursday April 30 at 9 am. Location TBD



Mill Valley Meeting Notes Sept 17 2015
Mill Valley SR2S Task Force meeting 4-30-15

Mill Valley Safe Routes to School Task Force Meeting - 31314
Notes Jan 10 2013 Mill Valley Task Force

Minutes from meeting November 1, 2012

Minutes from meeting April 26, 2012

Minutes from meeting February 2, 2012

Minutes from meeting September 8, 2011

Minutes from meeting February 2, 2011

Minutes from meeting November 4, 2010

Minutes from meeting September 9, 2010

Minutes from meeting April 28, 2011


Evergreen Project Letter from DPW
Mill Valley SR2S Project list 042012

Traffic Signal Upgrade Grant Received for Redwood Hwy Frontage Rd and DeSilva Island Intersection

Marin County DPW-Traffic Operasions Staff applied for a State grant to upgrade the traffic signal at the subject intersection and received a grant in the amount of $389,000.  The grant for adding a northbound left turn prototected phase signal for traffic heading to the freeway and upgrading ADA related improvements such as new curb ramps in all four corners of the intersection. This project will take several years to complete and coordiante with Caltrans who owns and operates the traffic signal.


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