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Marin County Schools with SR2S Programs


THE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY OF MARIN administers Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs to promote …

Safe Routes at Kentfield and
Ross School Districts

Bacich School Neighborhood Captains

Huge Turnout for Walk to School Day

Over 500 students participated in Bacich's International Walk to School Day. The kids loved the Clif Kids fruit twists and the Iwalk and Ibike buttons which can be seen on their backpacks throughout the school. Students met up in each of the neighborhoods and led by their neighborhood captains and helpers walked and biked to school.


Go Green Challenge Final Results 


Green travel mode:  33% bike; 32% walk;  30% carpool; and 1% scooter

Total individual trips to school:  577

Total miles:  583

Total gallons of gas saved:  26 ($119)

Total calories burned:  23,311

Total lbs of CO2 saved:  503






Green travel mode:  10% carpool; 50% walk;  39% bike;

Total individual trips to school:  121

Total miles:  213

Total gallons of gas saved:  10 ($45)

Total calories burned:  8534

Total lbs of CO2 saved:  188





Neighborhood Program Lauched at Kentfield Schools

Bacich walking school bus

Kentfield School District is introducing a new program to encourage its parents to choose a Green Ways to School.  By adding neighborhood organizers to the mix, Kentfield Schools hope to create long lasting SchoolPool networks for their parents that can last throughout the school year and beyond.

The Kentfield Safe Routes to Schools Task Force has developed a system in which they have divided the district into six neighborhoods and assigned each program a captain.   These captains will then be provided the contact information for everyone in their neighborhood.  Volunteer Marnie Ganong created the initial neighborhood maps using Google Maps.  The schools IT specialist, using free on-line mapping was able to take these maps and translate the coding into the school database allowing him to identify those who were within each neighborhood.  Captains then contact those in their neighborhood and will then assist their neighbors in establishing SchoolPool networks to walk, bike or carpool together.  The program also designates drop off lots and park and walk locations for those who live too far to walk or bike.  Volunteer parent Heather McPhail Sridharan will help the Captains organize their neighbors. Assistant Bacich Principal William Cameron is making sure the program is fully institutionalized within the school by presenting to all the parents.  This ground breaking program could be the future for other schools in Marin. View the Maps and tools at the Bacich School Site.

Bacich Wins Green Ways to School Award

Bacich School won the 2011 Program Achievement Award for increasing green trips by 21% since joining the program in 2001.  Congratulations to current team leader Amy Jones and all the team at Bacich over the years for outstanding achievement.


Ross Safety Art

Ross Students Olivia Brekhus-Lavinsky, Alaina Sherman, Lillian Coan proudly display safety art.



Great Ideas from Our Schools

Safe Routes to Schools has created a Captain's Guide to complement the Kentfield Neighborhood Program.

Full Captain's Guide

1. Introduction

2. How to Get Started

3. Organizing a Neighborhood SchoolPool Network

4. Helpful Tips

5. Walking School Buses and Bike Trains

6. 5 Top Reasons to Get Involved



SR2S Task Force


Kentfield Task Force

Wednesday April 30 9 am
Kentfield School District Office



Kentfield Task Force Meeting Notes- Jan 15 2014

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