Volunteer Liability Protection

Walking and Biking Rates increase in California

Fire Up Your Feet offers $70,000 in rewards

National Update

Get Racks

Do you need bike racks for your school?  The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is offering reimbursement for bike racks.  Awards are made in the form of Vouchers for up to $60 per bicycle parking spot created, limited to a maximum of $12,000 in total Voucher awards per applicant.  Any public agency may apply.    For more information


Bike Buying Guide

Are you planning to get your child a bicycle for the holidays?  Good for you.  But before you go shopping, be sure to check out our bike buying guide.  It’s important that your new bike fits properly. 

Protect Your Bike
from Theft

Marin County Sheriff’s Office Bicycle Registry Program is a free law enforcement service database of bicycles so that in the event of loss or theft, the likelihood of recovery will increase. It will take 1 min to register. Register online now.


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Bike to School Day May 7

May 7 is National Bike to School Day. End the year with a bang by organizing bike trains for your school. We have posters, customizable flyers and erasers to distribute. Contact Laura to let us know your needs. Be sure to register for Bike to School Day with the National Center. Attend their webinar and learn to create a great event.

Walking and Biking Rates Increase in California

A sea of change is underway in how Californians choose to travel. Since 2000, rates of walking, bicycling, and transit use doubled and the driving rate decreased 11% according to the California Household Travel Survey. A report on the comprehensive travel survey results was completed in June of 2013 but was just announced by Caltrans this week.

Walking rates jumped from 8.8% to 16.6%, bicycling rates increased from 0.8% to 1.5%, and transit use increased from 2.2% to 4.4% of mode share. All told, trips by foot, bicycle, or transit total nearly 23% of all trips statewideon an average day in California.This shift indicates the rising demand for transportation options in walkable and bikeable communities and accompanies a rising awareness of serious climate change, health, and equity challenges.”Demand data like this must inform transportation planning efforts and direct investments at the state level moving forward.” said National Partnership California advocacy organizer Jeanie Ward-Waller.

Despite need and rhetoric, funding is meager

According to Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty, “Based on this research, we can make good decisions about transportation that will improve mobility, air quality, and travel choices for all Californians and make our state a better place to live and work.” Yet, investments in walking and bicycling infrastructure continue to make up only 1% of transportation funding. And, in the 2014-15 budget year, with $1.7 billion in new revenue proposed for transportation including $850 million in Cap-and-Trade dollars, no significant new revenue is proposed to fund the Active Transportation Program or fund walking and bicycling projects through other programs. The State Transportation Improvement Program – the primary source of funding for capital projects – is almost entirely dedicated to highway expansion into 2019.



Federal Law Protects Volunteers

Are your parent volunteers concerned about liability?   People sometimes worry that they could be at risk of liability if an injury occurs while they are volunteering, but fortunately, a federal law-the Volunteer Protection Act-provides volunteers with significant protections from liability associated with volunteer activity. They really don't have a lot to worry about as long as they fit within the boundaries by avoiding criminal acts or acts of great recklessness and aren't driving cars (those in carpools have their own automobile insurance).  You can get all the details by downloading this fact sheet from Change Lab Solutions



Save These Dates:

Bike to School Day May 7

Bike Drives - Donate your bikes

Bacich: (hosted by Kent Eco Action Club): May 10 from 10:00-2:00

MVMS: (hosted by Student Council): May 17 from 9:00-3:00.

Family Biking Workshops

Learn to ride with the whole family.  Saturday workshops:

May 17: June 7: July 19


Walk and Roll to School Every Wednesday

See the on-line Walk and Roll Wednesday guide

April Blog: Mom Encourages her Kids not to Rely on Car

 “I want my children to get into the habit of using their feet to get places,”
said Fanny Jasper, a Novato mother of Luis (12), Isabel (10) and Carl (7). 

All three of her children bike to school almost every day.  “I don’t want them to rely on our car for everything.  Cycling makes everyone feel more positive about life.”

Read the Blog

Fire up Your Feet offers $70,000 in rewards



The Fire Up Your Feet Activity Challenge kicks off April and May in select states and regions. Sign up today!  More than $70,000 in awards will be given out nationally to support active schools. 
Already signed up? Check out our 
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