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Would you like to Start a Safe Routes to Schools program in your community?

Contact: Wendi@marinbike.org

National Tranining, Marin County, 2004We offer trainings that will fit the needs of your community including a one hour presentation, half day, full day and two day workshops. We can train your coordinators or the whole community, whether you are a school district, city, or advocacy group.

A full Safe Routes to School training workshop will bring together school officials, transportation professionals, law enforcement officers, advocates and parents at a one (or two) day workshop providing a clear blueprint for how to develop a successful SR2S program for your community. The workshops are interactive and focus on creating and sustaining local SR2S programs. Each workshop attendee will receive the NHTSA “Safe Routes to School” guidebook and will participate in exercises ranging from event planning and classroom education to identifying barriers to walking and bicycling and creating Safe Streets.

We have conducted trainings in Boulder, CO, Savannah, GA, Portland, Or, Tucson, AZ, Kansas, Albuquerque, NM, and throughout California.

If you need help refining an existing bicycle safety education outreach, or want one-on-one assistance implementing a complete Safe Routes program and developing your own materials, consider using our Consulting services.

Boulder, 2005Trainers available

Primary Trainer: Wendi Kallins
Bio / Email

Wendi is one of the foremost national experts on Safe Routes to Schools, the founder and Program Director for the award winning, national model program in Marin County, CA and authored the NHTSA “Safe Routes to Schools toolkit. She can offer anything from a one hour lecture to a full day workshop in your community.

Get an overview of Safe Routes to Schools with a crowd-pleasing presentation that will inform your community and generate excitement to kick-start your Safe Routes to Schools program.

Lecture will cover:

  • History of SR2S
  • The five E's
  • The basics for getting started

Get an overview of Safe Routes to Schools that will take your community through the initial steps of starting a Safe Routes to Schools program. Training includes hands-on activity to jump-start your program.

Training will cover:

  • History of SR2S
  • The five E's with examples
  • Details for getting started
  • A group activity based on your needs

Get an in depth look at Safe Routes to Schools. Find out how to bring your community together to encourage more walking and biking to school. Hands on group activities will generate excitement for the program.

Training will cover

  • History of SR2S
  • The five E's with extensive examples
  • A step-by-step process for getting started using interactive processes
  • At look at the obstacles and opportunities to launch a program

One hour lecture - $750
Two hour training - $1000
Four hour training - $1500

Travel Expenses will be added to all charges.

Add engineering walkabouts to your training:

Team Leader TrainingWendi has developed partnerships with two engineering experts for more extensive workshops:

David Parisi, P.E.

David is a Licensed Traffic Engineer who has developed traffic calming programs for over 150 schools in the U.S. and created “Transportation tools for Improving Children’s Health and Safety” a guide of solutions to common school-related issues. He is the consulting traffic and civil engineer for the Marin County SR2S program.

One Day training - $4000
Two Day Training (includes full day on Engineering) - $6000

Paul Zykofsky, AICP

Paul is a City Planner and the director of land use and transportation programs at the Local Government commission, based in Sacramento, CA. He has more than 10 years of experience working with local jurisdictions on creating more livable communities and is a frequent presenter at local, regional and national conferences. Zykofsky is fluent in Spanish and can also conduct bilingual training workshops.

One Day training - $3000

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