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Learn how to develop a Safe Routes to Schools program that addresses your community's unique needs. Get personal assistance in:

  • Program Development
  • Organizing contests and events
  • Recruiting schools and team leaders
  • Developing educational and promotional materials
  • Developing and education program with lesson plans

If you are unfamiliar with what a Safe Routes to Schools program fully entails, get an overview of the program, and how to develop a successful one for your community, through one of our Trainings.

Wendi Kallins
Bio / Email

Wendi is one the foremost national experts on Safe Routes to Schools, the founder and Program Director for the award winning, national model program in Marin County, CAand authored the NHTSA “Safe Routes to Schools toolkit".

Wendi is available for technical assistance as you plan your Safe Routes to Schools program.

Current projects

Marin County, CA

In 2000, The Marin County Bicycle Coalition was awarded a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create a national model program for Safe Routes to Schools. In just two years, we increased the number of children walking and biking at our 14 pilot schools from 21% to 38%. Since that time the Transportation Authority of Marin has adopted the program and in 2004, the voters of Marin funded the program by dedicating 11% of a new ½ cent transportation sales tax to the program, crossing guards and infrastructure improvements. The MCBC continues to develop and implement the program under contact to the County of Marin.

Program evaluation: http://www.tam.ca.gov/Uploads//pdfs/SR2S_Program%20Evaluation.pdf

TAM Safe Routes to Schools program: http://www.tam.ca.gov/view.php?id=34&PHPSESSID=ae36ba8b9331843248ca22a78f256958

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Other projects:
  • Portland, Oregon - MCBC provided training for regional coordinators, consultation on program development and review of program materials
  • Pima County, Arizona - MCBC provides training for team leaders, consultation on program development, created event and contest materials, developed Best Practices review, developed comprehensive in-school education program and trained local instructors.
  • Transportation and Land Use Coalition – MCBC directs TALC staff in development and maintenance of pilot Safe Routes to Schools program in Alameda County. Will oversee expansion of the program throughout the county including development of program materials and organizing and facilitation of community task forces.

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